Orlando Sex Scandal Pastor Chaired Romney Social Conservative Efforts In 2012

    Orlando Baptist Church lead pastor David Janney, who had an affair with a top volunteer, lead social conservatives for Mitt Romney.


    By Jacob Engels


    Last week, East Orlando Post first reported on a statement by Pastor David Janney’s victim, who had remained silent about her relationship with the lead pastor of Orlando Baptist. Janney, who sent lewd text messages to Arlene Miranda before engaging in a sexual liaison with her, then orchestrated a cover-up when Miranda wanted to apologize to his wife.


    That cover-up included a strong-arm campaign from fellow pastors, a non-disclosure agreement, and a financial settlement that the church ultimately reneged upon. Ms. Miranda is now being represented by GrayRobinson shareholder and lead attorney Mayanne Downs in a lawsuit against Orlando Baptist Church.


    Now, the East Orlando Post has uncovered a conference call organized by then GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who was then caught in a dead heat with former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. It was reported on by Adam Smith of the Tampa Bay Times.


    Pastor Janney lead the conference call, along with former Congressman Dave Weldon and attorney Jay Sekulow, to rally social conservatives in the sunshine state for the former Massachusetts Governor. He said he had watched Romney being vetted and noted his marriage of 42 years, five children and 16 grandchildren:


    “When I look at his life I’m not concerned about being embarrassed or distracted by his personal issues.”


    Fast forward to 2016, and now Janney is guilty of the same embarrassing personal distractions he once derided Newt Gingrich for. Like the former speaker, Janney has found himself cheating on his wife and in a tailspin over trying to silence a women to whom he once lobbed sexually charged texts at.


    “Stunning hypocrisy. We are receiving anonymous tips that Mr Janney — I can’t bring myself to call him “Pastor” — is a serial cheater involved with multiple married women who are members of his flock,” said Miranda’s attorney Mayanne Downs of GrayRobinson.


    It’s a story we have seen play out time and again, but that does not make it any less sad or disappointing. Mr. Janney, who has not publicly discussed his affair and how it could alter his ability to preach to his flock without seeming hypocritical, should address this matter sooner than later.