Firefly Festival 2016 Lineup Looks Hella Fly

    By Croix Provence


    I wanna fly like an eagle to Firefly! Known for its consistently bad-ass lineups, beautiful scenery, and amazing entertainment options, it has quickly risen to become one of the nation’s most anticipated festivals.


    Ever-entertaining is it’s location in Dover, Delaware; not many other reasons that young people would want to venture there.


    This leads me to believe that Firefly helps boost the Dover local economy like mad-crazy! Even if that’s not the case, we still thank Dover for putting on this amazing festival each year, and for letting the hoardes of music enthusiasts venture through it’s small wooded area for a weekend of bliss. Check out the 2016 lineup:





    You’re not gonna beat that lineup this year, or the price! For 4 days of general admission, it’s only $299! Holy HELL that’s amazing! Prices will rise, and you will need to pay for a camping pass and car pass as well, so start saving and plan your adventure to Firefly! 



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