Orlando Real Estate Firm Discusses Rising Importance Of Drones

    Wilson McDowell, head of Cite Partners’ Central Florida Industrial team discusses how aerial photography has changed real estate.


    By Jacob Engels


    Over the past few years, we have all seen how consumer-grade aerial drones have become more and more utilized for leisure, fillmmaking, and real estate. East Orlando Post reached out to corporate real estate outfit Cite Partners to chat about how they are using drones to showcase properties and engage clients.


    Our Q&A with Wilson McDowell of Cite Partners is below.


    From filmmaking to real estate, aerial drones have become increasingly popular. How do they benefit your firm?


    Aerial drones allow us to show different views of the property to prospective buyers or tenants.In industrial real estate, it is important to show the ingress, egress, and access around the site and aerial videos do a great job to highlight the benefits of these types of properties. I know there are several local vendors that provide drone services.


    Do you handle it in-house or hire out?


    We hire out drone services through Skydrone Logistics. 


    How are customers responding to the footage you are able to capture?


    Our clients love it and prospective buyers or tenants appreciate the ability to see the property from all angles, prior to taking an actual tour of the property.


    Are you seeing other real-estate firms doing the same?


    Yes, but not many.


    Are they doing it well?


    Yes, the capabilities and creativity are getting increasingly better so you have to continue to make your videos/angles better.


    Where can some of our readers view some of the footage? How can they follow your company?


    You can view our videos on your Vimeo channel. We also tweet @CitePartners.



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