‘American government is dysfunctional:’ John McAfee Explains Vision For Tech-Savvy Leadership

    Report from RT News –


    In a presidential race that has Washington outsiders at the forefront, computer programmer and entrepreneur John McAfee may be the most outside of all. He thinks that American leadership is ill-equipped to deal with the cyber threats facing the country.


    “What’s needed more than anything else is competent leadership in the area of technology. Our Congressmen and Senators and President can barely spell the word cyberscience,” McAfee told RT. McAfee is definitely not a politician. He is a computer scientist and businessman who started the company that produced the first commercial antivirus software back in the 1980s.


    This may be more of a boon than anything in a presidential field that has businesspeople, a neurosurgeon, and a self-described socialist topping the polls. His candidacy comes at a time of unprecedented cybersecurity threats to national security, such as the recent hack of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), which compromised the information of millions of government workers, including the identities of agents embedded overseas. “The Chinese walked away with over 14 million records of our government employees over the last 30 years, including our embedded agents in foreign countries,” he said.


    While officials do say the attacks emanated from Chinese soil, the government has not blamed the Chinese government for the devastating hack. McAfee, however, says that that we are in the middle of a cyber war waged by the Chinese – a war that he thinks America’s current leadership is woefully unprepared for…MORE HERE.