Drop July EP Shows Great Potential

    “Time is Money” was certainly the mantra for Drop July while recording their latest EP.


    By Patrick Kabot


    The self-titled EP has five full songs, not bad at all considering it was recorded and mixed over the span of only two days. The EP starts off in an upbeat fashion with a pounding kick drum by drummer Eddie Anderson, and smooth glissando licks by lead guitarist Zac Moore.


    With elements of Folk Punk, a nice Indie feel and even Reggae influence, Drop July is reaching out to a wide audience. The album is riddled with angst, “12 Steps” and easy nostalgia as well as a theme of rebirth in “Seven Years”.


    Several references of Florida, specifically our own central area, secure Drop July as hometown homies. Overall the EP is a fine work and shows what this band is capable of progressing into. We’re certainly excited for their follow up EP, “No Fly Zone”! Writer’s Pick: “Denver” was the song that stood out to me the most.


    Though in a 4/4 time signature, the rhythm guitar gives it a waltzy feel. The keyboard strings also add a great deal of color to the track. You can listen to the EP here and like them on Facebook.


    Patrick Kabot is a musician and student at The University of Central Florida. He currently plays in The Getbye, enjoys reading and is an avid tattoo enthusiast. Patrick is also the primary booker for The Caboose Bar located on North Orange Ave. Instagram: @PatKab407 Email: TwoSetBookings@gmail.com