Orlando Based Band “Burning Gold” Has Convincing First Release

    Nascent group, Burning Gold, burned their way through the studio to create a truly catchy, and unique first album.


    By Patrick Kabot


    While they’re an Indie group at their roots, there’s something that sets them apart from the status quo of the mellower Indie crowd that come to mind. There are strong Latin vibes throughout the whole EP, most notably presented by the acoustic guitar and some of the rhythms consistently featured.


    This Latin vibe is most prevalent in the third track “Warning”. While the instrumentals are powerful and moving in their own right, the harmonized vocals are an added bonus. The intervallic harmonies are executed with precision and are genuinely a pleasure to listen to.


    All in all, this group has a great deal of potential and this is a very convincing first release. Gripping from start to finish, an album that’s difficult to get through without tapping your toes, Burning Gold’s first EP gets our stamp of approval.


    Check out Burning Gold by clicking here.


    Patrick Kabot is a musician and student at The University of Central Florida. He currently plays in The Getbye, enjoys reading and is an avid tattoo enthusiast. Patrick is also the primary booker for The Caboose Bar located on North Orange Ave. Instagram: @PatKab407 Email: TwoSetBookings@gmail.com