Z Baked: Great Food at a Great Price

    Have no fear, UCF, your cravings can be sustained.


    By Michael Menendez


    Z Baked, a popular food delivery service in the Orlando area, has just broadened their horizons. Z Baked’s popularity stems from what they offer: great food, fast and hot. With their menu offering dinners, desserts (Most popular being the Miley Cyrus, a delicious ice cream sandwich, but so much more), appetizers, Z Baked offers qualitythat can’t be found in other delivery services.


    Their appeal stems from the wide variety, not only adhering to the normal burgers and fries or pizza that most quick service establishments offer. A wide variety of cuisines are offered, ranging from Italian (with appetizers such as Fried Ravioli) to seafood (with dinner specials such as Popcorn Shrimp).


    Now, though, Z Baked is making it easier for Orlando residents to get their hands on the grub. Recently, Z Baked has expanded their business to offer pick-up as well.


    Stationed in Oviedo, Z Baked had been a delivery only service, working out of- to most Orlando residents- an unknown location, consisting mostly of just a kitchen and a delivery driver.


    Formerly known as Midnight Munchies, a failing business that offered late night delivery until four in the morning, was bought out by a UCF student and turned to the prosperous business it is today.


    With locations in Orlando, Gainesville, and Tallahassee, Z Baked only has up to go. With a great demographic, adhering to the college campuses, Z Baked offers great food at an affordable price, something that any college student can appreciate.


    Z Baked has a very simple system, consisting of an easily accessible app that separates all categories of meal and dessert styles they offer. Furthermore, they give you a specific time to expect the food they delivery, calculating the amount of food bought at what time, getting a very specific and always on time delivery. Z Baked is open from 6 p.m.


    Michael Menendez is a student at the University of Central Florida, where he majors in journalism.