Tampa Bay Comic Con 2015 Will Be The Best Yet!

    By Kalolike Elan


    Grab your comics, pack your D20s, and put on your cosplay: Tampa Bay Comic Con is fast approaching, and it promises to be their biggest and best yet!


    While 2014 saw attendance over 40,000 during its three-day weekend, almost double the previous year’s attendance, this year’s July 31st – August 2nd weekend will inevitably draw in more guests. Why? Imaginarium Agency, the company behind Tampa Bay Comic Con and Indiana Comic Con, feel that it can be narrowed down to a few components: a great selection of media guests and comic artists, longer hours, and more programming. 


    Danielle Moses, star signing manager for Imaginarium Agency, states: “Right now we have Iain Glenn (Game of Thrones), Freema Agyeman (Doctor Who), Tom Kenny (Spongebob Squarepants, Adventure Time), and Matt Ryan (Constantine). We’re also hoping fortune will bend in our favor and send us someone to bring balance to the convention. It’s hard to say who else will be joining our roster, but we always end up with amazing talent, and this year will be no different.”


    She may leave us in suspense, but the company’s programming director is able to share more information. It is reported that the convention will have panels, gaming, and events occuring from early morning until, or past, midnight throughout the convention weekend. “Tampa Bay Comic Con hopes to provide the community with a nonstop weekend that honors every facet of nerdom. Our game room is set to be in one of our largest spaces and operating at full capacity for the entire weekend. There will be an in-house foam sword fighting group throughout the weekend as well. We already have had an influx of panel submissions that cover comic, TV, film, improv, gender discussions, RPG, and so much more, not to mention the bands that want to perform this year. It’s exciting to see the community come together this far in advance to be part of our show! It’s an honor.”


    Speaking of honor, we had the honor of speaking briefly with Stephen Solomon, one of the partners in ownership of Imaginarium Agency. He was too swamped with the convention planning to give a full interview, but it is obvious that he feels just as passionate and confident about Tampa Bay Comic Con 2015 as his staff members. More information will soon follow, but until then, we leave you with the words of Carl Montes, Imaginarium Agency’s information specialist: “Last year itself was a great success. This year, we will be even better prepared with our system, and have taken into consideration the voices of the people on what they would like to see. We will make their overall experience even bigger, better, and more memorable for 2015. Expect greatness!”



    Kalolike Elan is a freelance writer with East Orlando Post. She enjoys nightlife and entertainment coverage, as well as nightlife and entertainment shenanigans.