Festivals Duel To The Death!: Pitchfork Vs. Forecastle

    And Now For The Main Event…

    Pitchfork VS Forecastle!


    By Croix Provence


    Three days. Two music festivals. One choice.


    Today’s face off is between the heavyweight Chicago-based Pitchford Music Festival, and Louisville’s feisty young Forecastle Music Festival. Who will earn the title of Best Music Festival For July 17th – 19th? Ring the bell, and let’s get down to the nitty gritty! 



    Sure, pricewise Forecastle is a little costlier than the infamous Pitchfork festival, but the lineup this year definitely trumps. Thirty bucks isn’t too bad on top, right? Plus, you can’t argue that one is a good ol’ fashioned campout festival while the other requires a hotel; neither festival is a campout! From what info we have here, I have to say that the winner of our first ever Festival Duel To The Death is… Forecastle Music Festival!


    Both festivals offer a completely different experience. You can get more information on Forecastle Music Festival, and purchase tickets, here. You can get more info and tickets for Pitchfork Music Festival here! Whatever you do, make sure you pack your weekend with music in the bluegrass state or the windy city! 



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