Festivals Duel To The Death!: Beale Street VS Desert Daze

    And Now, For The Main Event… 

    Beale Street VS Desert Daze!


    By Croix Provence


    Want to place your money on our underdog Desert Daze, a one-day festival, or on the reigning multi-day champion of rock and blues, Beale Street? We put these two festivals head to head in the ring to find out who will triumph over the weekend of May 1st – 3rd. Let’s get ready to rumble!



    It may seem unfair to compare a multi-day festival to a one-day, the but sheer amount of entertainment and the atmosphere promised for Desert Daze puts up a solid fight against Beale Street’s urban romp. That being said, the scorecards are up, and the winner is … Beale Street! Even ignoring the length of the fest, you can’t beat the price for a lineup like that! Desert Daze will offer a polar opposite experience to festival goers than Beale Street, and is not to be ignored, but in the ring, Beale Street triumphs. 


    You can find more information on Beatle Street Music Festival, and to purchase tickets, by clicking here! For more info on Desert Daze and to get tickets, click here! Reagrdless of which one you go to, you are in for a solid musical experience in the city of blues, or in the desert oasis.


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