Firefly Festival Flies Above All Others

    Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, Firefly Brah

    (La La how the life goes on)


    By Croix Provence


    Up in dusty Dover is a place where music is born from the trees and memories are made each summer. A place where “If you book them, they will come” rings true. A place called Firefly Music Festival. Held every year in mid/late June, this festival brings the biggest names in music to the people of Delaware; that’s enough to make a Floridian like myself turn green. Good thing this Floridian has a car, badass friends, and a thirst for new experiences! Last year’s lineup was legitimately awesome, featuring Foo Fighters, Outkast, Jack Johnson, Imagine Dragons, Pretty Lights, The Lumineers, Arctic Monkeys, Weezer, Band Of Horses, Childish Gambino, Cage The Elephant, Ziggy Marley, Iron & Wine, Third Eye Blind, and a bunch of other big hitters. Topping that lineup would be pretty freaking hard, but Firefly is ever-capable. Let’s see what 2015 holds for us:



    It’s a damn good lineup from the get-go, but that blur is really annoying! Who would be so exciting, so important, so freaking amazing that they blurred it out for a later release? Seriously, Firefly, we all know you deliver some of the best lineups each summer, but don’t leave me hanging like this. I digress.

    Indie rockers Kings Of Leon are an oldie, but a goodie; if you haven’t heard “Sex On Fire” live, now’s your chance! It’s interesting that The Killers got a coveted top three position on the poster over mother-effin’ Snoop Dogg/Lion/Cartridge/Farm, but I guess that’s just the demographic they play to. No less, The Killers are said to deliver a badass show, and lord knows they have a bevvy of amazing hits to back that fact up. British singer Morrissey is a name I haven’t seen anywhere yet this summer, but he promises a whispery-sung show for all who want to see The Smiths’ former frontman. Not my cup of tea, but hey, who’s asking? I don’t have to tell you that Snoop’s gonna be a phenomenal show! I’m glad to see that he’s touring this summer, but he’s really saturdated the festival market: Snoop::2015 as Outkast::2014. Foster The People’s indie rock prowess will make you want to put on some “Pumped Up Kicks” and dance in Dover. Zedd exists. Modet Mouse is absolutely fabulous, and you must see them live! Amazing lyricists and inventive indie musicians. Bastille and Empire Of The Sun are both fun synthpop groups that will put on a good set live. Hozier… He is also saturating the market this year. After taking a break from taking him to church and giving his alternative music another try, I find that his repertoire is consistently awesome, and cannot wait to see him at Firefly! Kid Cudi and Steve Aoki are two huge names that people go crazy for, that do zero for me. Sublime With Rome, however! Those guys put on a hell of a show, and really do Brad proud with their original reggae/punk fusion. I’m going to ramble on forever if I don’t wrap up this lineup, so just make sure to see Awolnation (alt-electronic rock), Cage The Elephant (rock), Matt & Kim (indie dance), Dirty Heads (reggae/hip hop fusion), Lettuce (funk jam), and RJD2 (indie hip-hop).


    Okay, okay, I got a notification in my inbox about the final headliner for Firefly. Better be good for the elongated wait that they put fans through.



    You mean to tell me that Fireflly booked Macca?! For those of you who have read my articles before, you know that this means everything to me. Everything. When I saw this headliner update, after days of feeling frustrated with Firefly, I literally stared at the screen for ten seconds, and started crying out of pure unbridled disbelieving joy. I went and threw myself on my boyfriend and begged him to go with me to Firefly. Needless to say, I will be there. Need to say, however, that I will do my absolute best to not be insanely biased while reviewing this lineup, but come on: Paul McCartney is a massively fabulous pull for any music event. On the Croix Scale from Bad to Bad-Ass, Firefly 2015 is going to be:



    Overall: Bad-Ass


    Not just because of Paul McCartney (OH MY GOOOODDDD!!!), but because of the other consistently amazing artists that are part of this lineup. Amazing bands fill the release poster all the way down, and that’s super awesome. Tickets start at $249 through, but you better freaking hurry before I buy them all for myself. See you in the pit of Macca’s show during Firefly’s bad-ass festival!


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