Amnesia Rockfest Lineup Is So Good That Our Brains Hurt

    Amnesia Hills
    (That’s where I want to be) 

    By Croix Provence

    Okay, none of this cutesy lead-up to the lineup stuff for Amnesia Rockfest’s release. It’s way way waaaay too good, and I cannot contain myself. All you need to know is that our northern homies in Montebello, Canada are rocking out this summer to some amazing-ass music. Last year they hosted Motley Crue, Blink 182, Weezer, Megadeth, Primus, Mastadon, Alice In Chains, Taking Back Sunday, Joan Jett, Danzig With Doyle, Cypress Hill, NOFX, The Used, Anti-Flag, Alkaline Trio, Meshugga, and way more. This year… holy freaking crap, yes:



    How awesome is that?! This lineup is comprised of hard rock, alternative rock, punk, ska, hip hop, and unbridled awesomeness in general. There is so much nostalgia in here for me personally: the first rock bands I was exposed to on the 6th grade school bus are on this list. As long as Linkin Park sticks to everything they ever made before “Numb”, they will put on a fantastic show. System Of A Down is a hard rock reunion I’ve been waiting for, for ages, slowly dying inside. I want them to sing Chop Suey in my face so hard that it melts off. Not only are the punk rockers The Offspring performing, they are performing “Americana” which features some of their biggest hits. You know you want to see “Pretty Fly For A White Guy” live. Don’t lie to yourself! Slayer’s metal awesomeness cannot be missed, nor can Snoop Dogg/Lion/Toaster/Ahloop. As a sidenote, it’s pretty sweet that Amnesia throws in a hip hop/rap classic every year like Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill. Sublime With Rome… just close your eyes and it’s like Brad’s on stage. They sound great together. Rancid will be performing “…And Out Come The Wolves”, which has their big ones (sans “Fall Back Down”), and promises to be badass. While we’re on the streak of having awesome bands playing through some of their most awesome records, let’s tack alt-metal rockers Deftone’s “Around The Fur” to the list. Do I even need to vouch for Tenacious D? I think not. Wrapping up the headliners are punk rockers Bad Religion and post-hardcore punks Refused. Even the mid-ways and lower-downs are super duper good.


    At this point, all I can do is list the bands not to be missed, but I might as well just post the whole lineup release again. Here we go: Goldfinger (ska punk), Flogging Molly (celtic punk), Gogol Bordello (gypsy punk), Thrice (post-hardcore), Coheed And Cambria (prog rock/post-hardcore), Story Of The Year (emo/post-hardcore), Skinny Puppy (industrial/gothic), Atreyu (post-hardcore), Hatebreed (metalcore), Good Riddance (punk), The Bouncing Souls (punk), Buzzcocks (punk), Michael Graves Of Misfits (punk), Tom Green (weird), Steve-O Of Jackass (also weird), Operation Ivy (hardcore punk), Big D And The Kids Table (ska punk), Mad Caddies (ska punk), Catch 22 (ska punk), Voodoo Glow Skulls (ska punk), Suicide Machines (punk), Rufio (pop punk), Evergreen Terrace (hardcore), From Autumn To Ashes (post-hardcore), Walls Of Jericho (metalcore), and the Rage Against The Machine Tribute (alt metal).


    This is a formality at this point. The Croix Scale from Bad to Bad-Ass says:



    Overall: Bad-Ass


    Get your friends, your passport, and your balls, and get your awesome ass to Montebello, Canada. Hurry up to and get your tickets, like, right now. NOW. DO YOU HAVE THEM YET?! They’re only $186, for Cthulu’s sake! See you there for a bad-ass weekend of rock!


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