South Florida Sex Abuse Case Is Hillary’s Headache

    This is where Bill….and Hillary Clinton’s vulnerability comes in. Former President Bill Clinton visited the hedonistic private island of a billionaire pedophile, ten separate times according to the New York Post.


    First appeared in Sunshine State News.


    By Roger Stone


    The swirling South Florida scandal surrounding Palm Beach hedge fund billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his sexual abuse of at least 37 underage females, over a period of at least 5 years, continues to widen and the outlook is not good for Epstein, to say the least. The case is not going away any time soon and Epstein has good reason to worry. Bill and Hillary Clinton are are among VIPS who also have reason to be concerned.


    In June 2008, Epstein managed to walk away, virtually without a scratch, from a conviction in Palm Beach County, Florida of one count of solicitation of prostitution. The affidavit in the case listed five minor victims, one just 14 years old. The outraged parents of this 14-year-old complained to the Palm Beach police. An investigation uncovered serious sexual crimes against children as well as trafficking of children to A-listers who were pals of Epstein on a regular, ongoing basis.


    Given the extensive and appalling nature of Epstein’s abuse of barely-teenage girls, Palm Beach police expected Epstein to face vigorous prosecution as a prolific and dangerous child sex predator with multiple victims in Florida alone. They would be sorely disappointed, as would be the outraged Palm Beach community.


    In a practically unheard of legal maneuver the Florida prosecutor declined to file charges, instead bringing the allegations before a grand jury, a venue normally reserved strictly for capital offenses in the State of Florida. The state prosecution, well aware of how to maneuver a grand jury to indict a defendant on only those the charges prosecutors really want to pursue, emerged with perhaps the least of the charges for which Epstein could be tried and convicted, a charge carrying only a 5-year maximum sentence.


    To add insult to the injury done to justice by this incredibly-lenient, preferential treatment given to an ultra-rich, politically-connected pedophile, Epstein received a mere 15 month sentence. He ended up serving barely 13 months in the county jail, and only during night time, at that. He was free to go to his office daily and even took trips to New York during his “incarceration”.


    Incredibly, Epstein evaded federal prosecution entirely, despite the interstate and international nature of Epstein’s sexual exploitation of underage teen girls. In a highly-dubious “Non-Prosecution Agreement” (“NPA”) forged by Epstein’s defense attorneys and the government, Epstein’s prosecution was left entirely to Florida authorities. The NPA reads like a defense attorney’s wet dream. In it, the government essentially folded its cards, and nearly everyone involved in the case in Epstein’s camp was granted immunity from federal prosecution.


    The feds effectively affirmed Epstein’s lenient treatment in state court, removing any further criminal jeopardy for Epstein…or so he thought. As it turns out, Epstein’s victims were completely excluded from this secret deal-making process and, worse, the astonishing terms of this NPA were purposefully concealed from the victims until after it was already a done deal. Accordingly, in July, 2008 the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that prosecutors violated the Crime Victims Rights Act by failing to inform Epstein’s victims of the deal until after it was concluded.


    That same month, July 2008, attorneys Brad Edwards and Paul Cassell, a former federal judge, sued the federal government in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, accusing Epstein of committing numerous sex crimes against their clients, including child sex trafficking by fraud, an offense punishable by up to decades of federal incarceration.


    Edwards and Cassell’s ‘Jane Doe’ case languished in federal court for nearly 6 years, the details of Epstein’s deal with the feds sealed from the public and from use in any other forum, and thus out of bounds from discovery in the Jane Doe action. In June, 2014 the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the seal lifted, finally allowing for scrutiny of the details of the dubious deal given Epstein. Now the rotten NPA by which Epstein’s many victims were deceived and ultimately betrayed by the feds was open for a direct challenge and subject to the rigors of real judicial scrutiny. Epstein’s subsequent last ditch pleas to the court for a ‘Protective Confidentiality Order’ were denied.


    The case, now broken wide open by the exposure of Epstein’s special federal deal, gave the Cassell-Edwards team a green light, and they wasted no time raising the stakes for Epstein. In December 2014 they filed a bombshell pleading in which Jane Doe #3, Virginia Roberts, accused Epstein of forcing her to have sex with a number of Epstein’s powerful friends, naming, among others, Prince Andrew and none other than Epstein’s criminal defense mastermind himself, Alan M. Dershowitz. Roberts also named a former Governor, former US Senator , former Prime Minister and a Fortune 500 billionaire among those who were supplied under-age girls for sex.


    Dershowitz went ballistic, taking to the airwaves in a mighty, seething rage, slinging serious accusations of professional misconduct against Edwards and Cassell, accusing them of defaming Dershowitz and knowingly filing false pleadings. Edwards and Cassell wasted no time responding, but not in Dershowitz’s preferred venue of broadcast media. Instead, they promptly filed a civil action against Dershowitz seeking damages for Dershowitz’s professional defamation.


    The legal house of cards constructed by Epstein’s defense team, in league with inexplicably limp federal prosecutors, now looks to be collapsing around him. With high-profile power elites being fingered as co-conspirators in Epstein’s heinous sex crimes, the bottom may well fall out completely for Epstein, and soon. Now that the lid is off Epstein’s unseemly sweetheart get-out-of-jail-free deal with the feds, and it will be examined in light of its foundational violation of statutory victims’ rights, the jig may be up for Epstein.


    If Virginia Roberts’s lawyers can convince the Court to void the Non-Prosecution Agreement, Epstein will likely face renewed prosecution, no longer shielded by the secrecy and legal machinations by which the previous federal prosecutors in the case literally gave away the store, without the slightest facial or even implicit justification, legal, moral or otherwise.


    This is where Bill….and Hillary Clinton’s vulnerability comes in. Former President Bill Clinton visited the hedonistic private island of a billionaire pedophile, ten separate times according to the New York Post . According to flight records, Bill was on Epstein’s plane 17 times .Now this new lawsuit may compel the former President to testify under oath about what he was doing there. The New York Post reported that Hillary is furious that Bill is mired in the scandal. Is this the scandal that ends Hillary’s 2016 bid?


    Constant public attention, sensational media exposure and the righteous outrage of Epstein’s victims will provide more than enough pressure to prompt federal prosecutors to do the right thing this time around. Epstein may have dodged a bullet in Palm Beach County in 2008, but if his victims and their intrepid legal team have their way in U.S. District Court in Florida Epstein may soon face a knockout salvo, this time for keeps.


    The sordid tale of this billionaire pedophile, one-time Friend-of-Bill’s, what Bill Clinton was doing on his island ten times , will persist, not because it has now drawn in well-connected elites, but because justice has yet to be served, because Epstein’s victims have yet to be vindicated, and deserve Justice.


    Roger Stone is an alternative historian who is also a legendary American Republican political consultant who has played a key role in the election of Republican presidents from Richard Nixon to Ronald Reagan to George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. Stone also served as an assistant to Senator Bob Dole. Stone is the author of “The Man Who Killed Kennedy – the Case Against LBJ” (Skyhorse). Stone is also the author of Nixon’s Secrets, a broader look at the rise and fall and rise and fall and final comeback of Richard Milhouse Nixon. Mr. Stone, a resident of Broward County, operates the website.