Governor’s Ball 2015 One of Most Exciting Festival Lineups Yet

    My Gov Ball Brings All The Boys To The Yard (They’re like, it’s better than yours)


    By Croix Provence


    Every summer, Randall’s Island Park in New York City turns in to an absolute zoo thanks to Governor’s Ball. Might I add that this zoo is brimming with wild fans and superstar musicians! From June 5-7 this year, festival junkies will run rampant in the streets enjoying three days of madness that only ends when you feel like going home.


    2014 saw a very good lineup, though it shared its headliners and some upper-ups with many other big festivals. Regardless, Gov Ball books some of the biggest modern talent available, and promises a great time. To recap, last year’s roster consisted of OutKast, Jack White, Vampire Weekend, The Strokes, Skrillex, Axwell ^ Ingrosso, Phoenix, Interpol, Foster The People, Broken Bells, Childish Gambino, Damon Albarn, and then some! Even the lower-downs were badass. Take a gander at the 2015 lineup that will tear up New York City!



    Dude, this is really cool! One of the most unique big festival lineups that has been released thus far! Apart from Ryan fricken Adams and a select few, this is a breath of fresh air. Drake will headline this festival with his hip-hop/R&B stylings; I couldn’t think of a better festival for him to lead if I tried. This just feels right. The Black Keys step up to the plate for what will surely be a charged-up () show. (Don’t) Miss Deadmau5 during his late-night nonstop house set… Seriously, if you want to experience a really cool electronic set, go see Big Gigantic instead; they mix electronic with saxophone and drums. Just go. Indie pop princess Florence And The Machine will headline as well! Again, I could not think of a better venue for this act. Then there’s Lana Del Rey… I would sooner sit through a Nickelback/Creed/The Monkees/Cher festival than go see this one-note, non-talented, famous-for-her-looks “poet”, to put it politely. But that’s just me.


    In way better news, My Morning Jacket will be there, and they will blast you to the moon with their inexplicable fusion of all genres of music! Hooray talent! I’m not a huge Bjork fan but her comeback is insane, and Gov Ball couldn’t be a better venue for her () sound. For a very indie folk experience, check out The Decemberists and make sure to stick around for their musical epic “The Mariner’s Revenge”. If you’ve read my stuff before, you know my feelings about Tame Impala; if not, they are psychedelic rock sexiness, and are not to be missed. One, two, skip a few, WEIRD AL?! Right in the childhood! He put on such a phenomenal show at Bonnaroo 2013, full of costume changes, funny video interviews between songs, and classics such as “Eat It”, “Yoda”, and many more. Do. NOT. Miss. Weird Al. Other bands you’ve got to see are Marina And The Diamonds, Rudimental, Moon Taxi, and J. Roddy Walston & The Business. Now I’m all excited for Weird Al.


    Why can’t it be June?! Guess I gotta wait it out with the rest of the world. I certainly don’t have to wait to rate this festival, though! On the Croix scale from Bad to Bad-Ass, Governors Ball 2015 is sounding:



    Overall: Cool


    There are some bands on here that make this festival totally worth the cash and the trip, and there are some that totally kill it for me. Can’t let the poopers spoil your good time, though! Governors Ball 2015 has nabbed a few artists who are perfect for the venue, and a bevy of cool groups who only add to the craziness. All in all, Gov Ball’s lineup has shaped up to be pretty damn cool.



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