Windemere Teen Making Waves with Fashion Designs, Launches Business Following National TV Appearance

    Lucas Isasi appeared on Lifetime’s Project Runway: Threads series in late 2014 and impressed judges with his creativity.


    By Jacob Engels


    At thirteen, Windemere teenager Lucas Isasi is leaps & bounds ahead of his peers at Bridgewater Middle School, trading seventh-grade gossip and popularity politics for a budding fashion design career. It all started with him secretly creating new outfits for his sisters Barbies and designing his first dress at age seven.


    His talents landed him on Lifetime’s hit show Project Runway: Threads in late October of 2014. Isasi did not end up winning the competition, but impressed judges with his bold and daring ideas – he even incorporated gummy bears into one of his outfits as part of the Halloween theme. One of his dreams is to design a dress for rock star Pink and attend the Parsons School of Design in NYC.


    A recent dress design by Lucas.


    Following the conclusion and airing of the show in December, Lucas announced the launch of his own design business, that promises to provide custom pieces for purchase in early 2015. His parents helped him fund the start-up, continuing their ongoing support of Lucas’s dream. Our Q&A with Lucas and his parents, Nick & Teasha Isasi is below.


    For Lucas —


    What motivates & inspires your designs?


    Lucas – What motivates me is the challenge to create something I haven’t done before. By continuing to push myself I think I’ll grow as a designer. There are many different things that inspire my designs: my mood, a song, a movie. Sometimes even just a certain color or fabric will call to me and I just have to create something with it.


    How have your parents supported you and helped you chase your dreams?


    Lucas – My Mom and Dad have been very supportive. They both encourage me to follow my passion and tell me all the time to be true to myself.


    Considering the results, would you have done anything different on Project Runway?


    Lucas – I wouldn’t have done anything different on Project Runway. I designed what I saw in my head and felt like I did the best I could in the time we had.


    How does your sister feel about your designs?


    Lucas – I love my sister Tori. She is always so supportive and gives me great ideas and feedback.


    For Mom & Dad —


    You are extremely supportive of Lucas. What’s your background, and how do you use your life/business experience to help guide him?


    Nick Isasi – I work in the logistics industry and I’m involved in most aspects of running the business. Many of the creative people my wife and I know have all said similar things… “I’m glad I went to school to refine my talents but I wish I learned how to make money with them.” We think it’s very important to let Lucas be Lucas but we also want to help him understand what’s involved with selling the designs he creates.


    Lucas said that you have been a source of inspiration and guidance for him. How do you provide him advice without influencing his style?


    Teasha – When Lucas shows me a new design he’s working on I try to stay objective, because while it may not be something I would wear, I do my best to convey to him how the person that will be wearing it may feel.


    Even today, many parents would be resistant to their child embracing a profession or artistic path often viewed as something for an individual of the opposite sex. How you view gender roles in the artistic realm…and how has that influenced your parenting of Lucas?


    Nick & Teasha – We believe as parents that there should be no gender boundaries. People should be accepted for who they are. It’s important to us that our kids following their passion, whatever that may be. Our daughter has played flag football, our son designs clothes.


    How are you helping Lucas understand the importance of the entrepreneurial spirit as it relates to his work?


    Nick & Teasha – We’re trying to instill in both our children that if you do what you love it’s not a job but it still needs to support you. Being an entrepreneur allows you to bring your vision to life in a way that may not happen if you work for someone else. There are certainly more risks, but the time to take risks are when you’re young.


    To learn more about Lucas’s new business venture and fashion designs, visit his website by clicking here.



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