The Big Orlando Boasts Promising Lineup This Sunday

    If you listen to the radio in Orlando, you’ve probably heard a decent amount of advertisement for The Big Orlando coming this Sunday.


    By Shane Maloy


    Being a music lover myself, I figured I’d give you 3 reasons to attend this Sunday.


    1). The Bands


    The Big Orlando is a sister event to The Big Ticket, which has been happening in Jacksonville for years. I’ve gone to The Big Ticket multiple times. The best way to explain this concert is a one day Warped Tour. It’s over a dozen B-to-A list bands putting on a 12 hour show across 3 stages, all outside. So the bands for The Big Orlando? Fall Out Boy, Weezer, Young The Giant, Bear Hands, The Crazy Carls, Twin Atlantic, Sleeper Agent and several others!


    2). The Price —


    Headlining artists like FOB would normally be $50 a ticket easy for a larger venue like the House of Blues, but the price for this event is just $40. And for that price, you get to see ALL the bands. By the way, if you don’t want to pay a service fee when buying your tickets, go get your ticket from Park Ave CD’s in Winter Park! (2916 Corrine Dr, Orlando, FL 32803)


    3). Support Live Music


    With the ever evolving music industry, smaller bands make a larger majority of their income at live shows by selling merchandise and ticket sales. So after you see one of the smaller bands on Sunday, go over to their merch booth, buy a t-shirt or their latest CD and chat with the band members. Trust me, it means the world to them. I’ve played local shows and it’s a great feeling to actually talk to the fans. They’re people just like you!


    For more info on the event, you can visit their website. If you see me running around photographing the event, get my attention and say hey! Until next time…



    Shane Maloy is a social media consultant by day, student and guitarist by night. He is currently studying Business with a specialization in Economics and enjoys photography and video in his free time. Born in Winter Park and raised in Oviedo, Shane is a local native and plans to stay in Central Florida for years to come. You can find more about Shane by following him on Twitter @theShaneMaloy, his instagram @shanemaloy and view his video projects online by visiting