FIRST LOOK – Jurassic World Teaser Trailer Coming During Thanksgiving Day Football Game

    Teaser trailer for the first trailer of Jurassic World takes us back to Isla Nublar.


    By Jacob Engels


    My all time favorite movie is Jurassic Park. When I was just 4 years old, my onetime babysitter brought it over and let me watch it while my grandparents were out at dinner. The babysitter was chastised, but did not get the boot – and would later introduce me to Palahniuk’s Fight Club. At first, I was terrified – but then I became obsessed with what I consider to be Steven Spielberg’s greatest work. Like most, I was slightly overwhelmed with the subsequent sequels – but have been impatiently awaiting Jurassic World, which has been in “development hell” for years.


    The teaser trailer, which opens with a shot of the iconic gate – has all the things we loved about the original while demonstrating a decidedly different path. The pathway to the the gate is no longer a dirt path, and is now a track system for something similar to Disney’s monorail. It then cuts to an pack of Gallimimus running through a valley (just like we saw in the original, albeit minus a T-Rex), with a transport vehicle of park-goers, followed by two teenagers in a robotic pod observing a Brachiosaurus – reminiscent of the encounter Hammond’s grandchildren had with Dr. Grant in Jurassic Park.


    The final sequence shows Bryce Dallas Howard’s character looking over her shoulder in what appears to the control room of the new & improved facility (HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS!) – closing with an elevator opening to reveal Chris Pratt, who plays main character Owen.


    As a longtime fan of all things Jurassic Park, this teaser trailer gave me everything I needed to see to know that this reboot will not leave a bad taste in my mouth like The Lost World and Jurassic Park 3 – it pays homage to the original while forging it’s own style. Check it out – the film will release in summer 2015, on June 12th.




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