Orange County Tax Collector Offers New Tag Renewal Service

    Orange County Tax Collector Scott Randolph has been aggressive in reducing wait times & improving efficiency in the county’s 8 offices since being elected in 2012, with this latest improvement coming in the form of an online method for tag renewals.


    By Jacob Engels


    The Orange County Tax Collector’s new online renewal system Tag Express! is the first of it’s kind in the state of Florida. Tag Express! is billed as a convenient, no hassle tag renewal process that will offer same day pick up service for online tag renewals, with no waiting – according to a press release from Randolph’s office.


    “I am proud to be the first office in the state to provide this service and remain committed to modernizing and streamlining operations to make business more convenient for the taxpayer,” says Tax Collector Scott Randolph. “We see people in our office every day who have forgotten to renew their tags, and with Tag Express! they can now renew online and pick it up at an office of their choosing without waiting in line.”


    This service is part of an aggressive campaign from the Orange County Tax Collector’s office to significantly reduce wait times.


    Earlier this year, the office expanded its online appointment feature to include all tax collector services, and with the opening of a new East Orange location in late August, Orange County residents will continue to see faster service times and lower waits.


    “More than 45,000 residents renew their tags in person every month at one of the Tax Collector’s 8 offices. Reducing the amount of people waiting in the lobby by 10-20% will allow us to focus on more complex transactions while reducing wait times for everyone,” concludes Randolph.



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