Central Florida Rapper Bezz Believe Hits The Silver Screen

    Orlando based rapper Bezz Believe received word late last week that his hit single “Herculeez” would appear in the credits of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s summer blockbuster “Hercules.”

    By Jacob Engels

    Last Friday, Central Florida rap legend Bezz Believe made an exciting announcement about his latest hit single, “Herculeez.” Posting on facebook, Believe shared with his fans that the song was just selected to play during the credits of the summer blockbuster Hercules, starring action superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Bezz Believe studied at the University of Central Florida.

    Barrington Bradford, Bezz’s manager said that he began working immediately to get his client’s single in the movie when they heard about the film over a year ago.

    “It seemed almost as if the opportunity was sent directly from God himself, and was placed right in front of us. The timing was absolutely perfect, especially since Bezz recorded the song about 4 months before we had any knowledge of the film; it was a pure coincidence,” Bradford explained.

    He immediately began contacting everyone he could find who was involved with the film, from Director Brett Ratner to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


    “At first we got no response, these were mega stars and my chances of getting their attention were slim to none. I began to research deeper and deeper, throughout the whole process, I think I attempted to contact well over 200 people in total.”


    After literally thousands of emails, tweets, phone calls, carrier pigeons, and more – Bezz Believe’s manager finally caught the eye of Radical Studios, a multimedia studio based out of LA that created the Hercules comic that the film is based on.

    “I will never forget the comical email they sent us,” Bradford shared.

    “You can stop harassing us now, we have received your song submission and to be honest it’s actually quite good. We will be sure to contact you if the song is chosen to appear in the film, PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US AGAIN,” a representative from Radical Studios bellowed.


    A few months went by and Bradford heard nothing from Radical Studios or anyone associated with the film and began to lose hope.


    “Anyone that knows Bezz knows that he is an optimist and always channels positive energy in everything he does, and that kept our hopes alive.”


    Then, in late July – Bradford received an email from Radical Studios.


    “Your submission ‘Herculeez composed by Bezz Believe’ will be appearing in the film during the final credits in select countries through out Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and the Asian Pacific,” the email read.

    The whole team was thrilled & Bezz Believe again reminded everyone that positivity is always the best choice. “The power of positive thinking pays off. If you can believe it, you can achieve it. Doing big things is a mind set and a lifestyle,” he told us when reached by phone.


    You can watch “Herculeez” below & learn more about Bezz Believe by clicking here.




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