Crazed Lovebirds Create Orlando’s Most Congested Day of Traffic

    Orlando ranked as the 20th most congested city in the TomTom Traffic Index study.

    By Jacob Engels


    Last week, TomTom released its 4th annual TomTom Traffic Index and Orlando landed in the top 30 most congested cities in the United States – placing 20th. The TomTom Traffic index is widely considered to be the most reliable and accurate barometer of traffic congestion and currently gauges 186 cities across 6 contents.


    While we all have known for as long as we’ve been in Orlando that the traffic is horrid and aneurism inducing, the study released by TomTom finally quantifies what our delays look like on average yearly.


    A few key highlights include —

    -Orlando’s average congestion level was 21%, with a 21 minute delay per hour driven during a peak period.


    -Orlando had a delay of 59 hours per year (considering a 30 minutes commute).


    -The most congested day of the 2013 year was Thursday, February 14th


    SIDE NOTE – You probably already figured it out, but February 14th — the most congested day of 2013 in Orlando is also Valentine’s Day, which I find to be quite interesting. Gooey eyed lovers congest more roadways in Orlando than crazed Black Friday shoppers & holiday visitors.

    During the morning each week, Tuesday was found to be the most congested morning for Orlando motorists with Thursday claiming the top stop as the most congested evening weekly. For a more in-depth look at the number complied in the TomTom Traffic Index study, see the below graphic.


    Orlando TomTom Traffic Index


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