Dope Lineup At WPRK’s Annual Fox Fest Music Festival

    Do foxes howl? Or is that wolves? Or both??


    By Patrick Kabot


    Mojave Wilde, Room Full of Strangers, Fortune Howl and The Groove Orient? Sounds like a pretty dope lineup for Rollins College’s annual Fox Fest, which is happening this Saturday!


    I had the opportunity to see Mojave Wilde at a house show earlier this month and they killed it! My group and I walked in to the party and watched three songs before hitting the keg, there isn’t much that keeps me away from beer so that’s gotta say something. These dudes bring indie vibes that are almost Minus The Bear-esque, which is always a good thing. 


    The Groove Orient has definitely brought the Funk any time I’ve seen them…and the Jazz, Samba and Rock ‘n’ Roll. These guys are some hometown heroes and are regulars at Tanqueray’s down town where I first saw them. 


    Do foxes howl? Or is that wolves? Or both?? Fuck it, Fortune Howl is gonna get you moving either way.This dude’s comin up HARD in the electronic scene, the good electronic scene. 


    I haven’t gotten the chance to see this last group, but after hearing some of their music I couldn’t be more stoked to. Room Full of Strangers is a four-piece group that, from what I’ve heard, sounds like a cross between Arctic Monkeys and Vampire Weekend. I have a feeling I’ll be walking away from their set as a new fan.

    Come through Rollins College this Saturday from 4:00-10:00 P.M. The guys at Sandspur and 91.5 WPRK FM have worked hard to put this on.  Food and refreshments will be provided by The Meat House and Seadog Brewing Company. Visual displays have been worked out by Rollins own talented students. Gonna be a hell of a time! 


    Patrick Kabot is a resident of Avalon Park. He graduated from Valencia with a pre-major degree in Jazz Guitar Performance and is currently attending UCF for an undergraduate in English Literature. Patrick plays in the local band Sela Dors, enjoys philosophy and is an avid tattoo enthusiast.