Sarasota Band, Boyce Avenue, Has “No Limits” On New EP

    Boyce Avenue is an online juggernaut, rivaling the likes of Justin Bieber with an immense fan base.


    By Jacob Engels


    Boyce Avenue is the most popular band in the world that you’ve never heard of…until now.  In case you’re not one of their 5.5 million YouTube subscribers or their 2.5 million Facebook likes, they are largest kept secret of their immense fan-base.


    Given their dedication to acoustic sound production, it’s no surprise that pop trends have cloaked them with flashing lights. However, Boyce Avenue’s new EP “No Limits” reveals a group whose emotional lyricism and enthusiasm meet in a charming package.


    “Speed Limit” sets the tone for the EP with its transparent sense of optimism and encouragement to do what makes you happy. “One Life” manages to capture the depths of sadness in heavy, epic drumbeats and urges us to remember that we have the power to change things for ourselves. Incidentally, the song was originally recorded in support of “Pencils of Promise,” a charity that builds schools and educational opportunities in developing countries.


    The mood takes a turn into darker territory with “I Had to Try.” The intro holds a throwback to their first album, “All You’re Meant to Be”, an arguably more rock-influenced project. Alejandro Manzano’s lead vocals don’t manage to live up to the intensity of this track, but that doesn’t get rid of the urge to belt along to the sing-out-loud chorus. A subtle line of guitar licks reminiscent of Michael Jackson lingers beneath the melody and lends rock n roll suspense that really keeps the song afloat.


    “Scars” brings things back to life with a tropical-pop attitude that takes the back seat and lets Manzano’s vocals shine against a moving anchor of orchestral strings. The intro is a little out of place compared to the rest of the EP and ends up sounding too generic with its “whoas” and “yeahs.” But it serves as a smooth transition to the last song, “I’ll Be the One” – a ballad that forays into electronic production and embellishes No Limits with the euphoria that it craves throughout and is easily the highlight of the whole EP.


    Acoustic versions of “Speed Limit” and “One Life” close the EP and provide a bonus glimpse at Boyce Avenue’s talents with stripped down arrangements. Their acoustic performances give the songs a chance to breathe but grip their listeners with poignant piano and drum notes.


    There is no question as to why Boyce Avenue has such an immense fan following. Their honest approach to music demonstrates the power of strong lyrics and organic instruments. Learn more about Boyce Avenue by visiting their facebook page.


    Jacob Engels, is the Founder of East Orlando Post & Seminole County Post. He is a seasoned political operative who has led numerous statewide political groups and has worked on several high-profile local, statewide, and national races. Jacob has been interviewed on national television & radio programs, with his work having been featured in the Orlando Sentinel, New York Times, Washington Post, Miami Herald and other publications nationwide. He can be reached at