Child Driven Collaborative Art Installation To Be Unveiled In Avalon Park

    Children of Avalon Park, in East Orlando, will have the opportunity to contribute to an art installation that will be displayed in the office building of Avalon Park Group.


    By Erin Moore


    Throughout the month of April, kids of all ages are welcomed to participate in an arboreal art project.  Children will create colorful leaves that will be added to a large tree to represent the tightly knit neighborhood. The collaboration will culminate in a grand art display and will be a beautiful addition to the Avalon Park Group office lobby. 


    Avalon Park is a young community with a large number of families that has an traditional ambience.  While driving down any neighborhood street, one is transported to a time past: kids ride bikes down the street, fathers play catch with their sons and daughters, and neighbors wave hello to one another.


    “The tree is symbolic of how deeply rooted we become as a community when we support and care for one another,” said Tiffany Hill Brittain, owner of Abrakadoodle of Orlando.


    “I’ve heard Beat Kahli say that his vision when creating Avalon Park was to create a place where people could be born, grow up, and spend their final days in one place,” continued Brittain.  “We are based here in Avalon Park; this project is especially important to us.  We work with people of all ages and artistic abilities, and I wanted all of them to have the opportunity to participate in the creation of Avalon’s first community art installation.”


    Abrakadoodle of Orlando is sponsoring this project and will be present at community events this month.  Young students in their comprehensive art program will each contribute, but those who are not Abrakadoodle kids will get the opportunity to take part, as well.  The art company is hosting booths at various local events in the East Orlando area.


    The art installation will be unveiled on May 17th, 2014, from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. during an opening reception sponsored by the Avalon Park Foundation, in the Avalon Park Group Lobby, located at 3680 Avalon Park E Blvd.  Artwork from Abrakadoodle’s Avalon art classes will be displayed, as well.  Children will gain a real art-opening experience and get the chance to proudly display their works of art.  Avalon Park Group will provide refreshments.  Members of the community are encouraged to attend the presentation of the beautiful art installation.


    Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the arts, and this is the perfect chance for parents of the East Orlando neighborhood to immerse their children in a local cultural experience.       


    Erin serves as the public relations head for Abrakadoodle of Orlando.