Randolph Says Renew Tags For Only 1 Year & Demings Qualifies By Petition

    It has been a busy day for the top political brass for Orange County Democrats.


    Scott Randolph Urges Orange County Residents To Only Renew Vehicles For 1 Year –


    “Today the governor signed a bill into law that will reduce vehicle registration fees by an average of $25.00, effective September 1, 2014. In 2009, the legislature significantly increased fees for consumers, despite my vote against it when I served in the Florida House of Representatives. After the past three years of using middle class families and small businesses to carry the burden of budget shortfalls created by constant corporate giveaways, I am glad Florida’s families and small businesses are finally getting the break that they deserve.


    I encourage all vehicle owners to renew their tags for one year, as opposed to two, because the Florida Legislature will not authorize a refund to motorists who renew for two years before the effective date.


    Val Demings Qualifies By Petition In Orange County Mayoral Bid –


    Today, Val Demings has enough valid signatures to qualify by petition for the Orange County Mayoral Election; beating incumbent Teresa Jacobs in the race to qualify for the August ballot. More than 7,000 supporters signed petitions to get Val Demings on the ballot giving her the 6,907 needed to qualify. This early move gives Demings grassroots momentum to continue her robust campaign.    


    Speaking of the news that she had qualified for the race for Orange County Mayor, Val Demings said: 


    “I am humbled to have the support of thousands who leant their name to this effort, signing the petitions to put my name on the ballot. The overwhelming support I’ve received in this campaign is truly heartwarming, and a testament to families living here who are disappointed with the lack of leadership and broken promises of the current mayor’s administration.”


    Demings has continued to show outstanding local support for her campaign and will continue to capitalize on this early advantage over incumbent Teresa Jacobs. By avoiding the fee to qualify and utilizing the petition method, Val Demings will now build on this early momentum and support to take her message to the voters. She is launching her field campaign with volunteers this weekend with a Day of Action. 


    Petitions have been validated by the Supervisor of Elections.  Certification will occur within 24 hours.