Local Artist Kristy Cannon Key Fascinates With “Cultship”

    Is featured this month at Dandelion Communitea Cafe.


    By Patrick Kabot


    Dandelion Communitea Cafe is without a doubt a favorite spot in Orlando for a lot of artists, vegans or anybody who enjoys a good beer. Each month, Dandelion has multiple displays of a featured artist.This month’s artist is one of my local favorites, Kristy Cannon Key. Releasing all art under the name “Cultship”, Kristy has been a figure in the local art scene for the better half of a decade.


    I had always thought that the name “Cultship” was badass and had to find out where it came from. I went ahead and asked Kristy and was glad that I did because it’s such a cool idea.


    “Cultship comes from two words, “culture” and “relationship” and it explores the resemblances between sub-cultures, cities and ships. Conceptually, the idea can go 100,000,000 different ways and that’s why I found it perfect for the brand of art I wanted to create since it can provide me endless inspiration. It’s also a metaphor for sub-culture, comparing it to ships carrying cities, or cultures”.


    Cultship planted its roots in the skateboarding scene when Kristy launched SouthSkate.com.  Ironically, it was the positive attitude in the skate scene that inspired Cultship. 


    “I was always inspired by how there are such tight knit communities and a common bond between skateboarders, and how as a skateboarder you are part of a complex culture. Anyone who has a lot of passion for something experiences something similar”. 


    The pieces were all incredible. Ranging from paintings of Lake Eola to prints of “The Cultship” itself. My personal favorite, which I had to get for my bedroom, was a print of a swan on a sunset. Cultship isn’t just limited to works of art though as they also double as a clothing line. 


    The art will be up and for sale all month long. I highly recommend that any fan of art make their way out there. It also doesn’t hurt that they have some of the most delicious organic food around and Florida Cracker ale on tap!


    To learn more about Cultship, visit their facebook or website.



    Patrick Kabot is a longtime East Orlando resident, graduate of Timber Creek High School, and is currently enrolled at Valencia College studying Jazz Guitar Performance. In his spare time, Patrick enjoys making and performing music, hanging out with his dog Slash, and improving upon his musical skills.