Bizarro World – Orlando Congressional Candidate’s Odd Radio Interview


    “Crayola” Conservative Jorge Bonilla turns in peculiar radio interview.


    By Jacob Engels


    In an odd and rambling interview earlier this week, Republican congressional candidate Jorge Bonilla got oddly confrontational with popular Conservative Spanish Radio Host Ray Cruz. Cruz works for Univision America and his show is syndicated in 12 states. He has two local shows, one of 1270AM in Orlando and another on 1160AM in Kissimmee. Cruz tweeted a link to the interview on February 19th.

    Cruz was the head of a PBS styled organization in Puerto Rico for 2 years, after being appointed by former Governor Luis Fortuno.

    Ray mentioned during the interview that just because you are Puerto Rican it does not give you the right to get a vote.

    “You must vet candidates to insure that they have similar values and concerns about the community and the nation,” Cruz explained to Bonilla.


    And that is when things got……weird. Really weird. Around the 2 minute mark, Mr. Bonilla began interrogating Cruz about his whereabouts and voting history, in an effort to argue that he really knew nothing about Florida or Orlando politics.


    SIDE BAR – And Bonilla, who was largely absent in the local political scene until the start of his congressional campaign somehow does have an idea on how Florida and Orlando politics work?


    “Hey Ray, are you in a parking lot somewhere in Puerto Rico?” asked Bonilla.


    Ray then told Bonilla that he votes in Florida and offered to read him the numbers of his drivers license.


    Bonilla retorted “And what does that have to do with the question asked?”


    Following that, Mr. Bonilla began lecturing Cruz.


    “Ray, you are talking to Jorge Bonilla. Take out your crayons and paper. I will explain slowly for you to understand.”


    SIDE BAR – What is this guy smoking? You are now talking to THE Jorge Bonilla. Get your crayons and paper while I impart some sage advice. Jorge Bonilla, Crayola Conservative.


    Cruz responded by saying that Bonilla was really trying to call him ignorant.


    “After listening to this gentlemen, I believe he lacks character and has a short fuse. How will he act in congress when people don’t agree with him? Will he be another rubber stamp for the establishment.


    “I have interviewed Presidential candidates, Governors, Senators, and Mayors. This is the first time I have seen someone lose control like this,” explained Cruz.


    Bonilla interjected and stated that Ray Cruz needed media coaching and that he needed to listen. Yeah, the guy who ran Puerto Rico’s equivalent of PBS and who has a radio show syndicated in 12 states needs media coaching from an unhinged  and weird congressional candidate.


    Cruz then ended the interview by telling Bonilla that if I were your political advisor, I would suggest you don’t do anymore interviews. Every time you open your mouth, you give Mr. Vivaldi more votes.

    Peter Vivaldi is one of Bonilla’s opponents in the Republican primary for Florida’s 9th congressional district currently held by Democrat Alan Grayson. Vivaldi, like Bonilla is also Puerto Rican. Mr. Vivaldi, is a local businessman and Youth Pastor who has received the endorsement of Governor Carlos Romero Barcelo, the former Governor of Puerto Rico and has deep connections among Hispanic evangelicals in District 9.


    Osceola County Realtor Carol Platt is also in the race. Bonilla has been endorsed by State Representative Dennis Baxley and Platt has connections to the Bush family – which netted her an endorsement from Jeb Bush.



    SIDE BAR – And this is really the question that needs to be asked. Who is advising Jorge Bonilla? Who has taught him that this type of behavior is appropriate for a congressional candidate to engage in? Whoever they are, they should be fired immediately if Mr. Bonilla wants to be taken seriously.


    We reached out to Mr. Bonilla for comment several times on Wednesday, but did not receive a response. Maybe he is busy giving more coloring lessons.


    To listen to the whole interview, available only in Spanish – click here. Be warned, it is truly bizarre. Vivaldi went on air with the same host during a mid-week interview, and we will analyze his performance when a link to the show is uploaded.



    Jacob Engels, is the Founder of East Orlando Post & Seminole County Post. He is a seasoned political operative who has led numerous statewide political groups and has worked on several high-profile local, statewide, and national races. Jacob has been interviewed on national television & radio programs, with his work having been featured in the Orlando Sentinel, New York Times, Washington Post, Miami Herald and other publications nationwide. He can be reached at