Medical Marijuana Ballot & Charlie Crist?


    Called a plan to help Crist beat Rick Scott


    From the Tampa Tribune —


    TAMPA ­­— Some Florida Republicans fear, and some Democrats hope, that a November referendum on legalizing medical marijuana in Florida will drive young and liberal voters to the polls, helping Democratic candidates including gubernatorial challenger Charlie Crist.


    The initiative, still not certified for the November ballot, is generating charges of political motives from both sides.


    Some Republicans call it an expensive ploy by Crist’s backers to help him win.


    “It is no coincidence that Charlie Crist’s law partner and biggest supporter, John Morgan, is financing medical marijuana,” said Gainesville-based GOP consultant Alex Patton. “It’s a plan.”


    Some Democrats, meanwhile, say Republicans are trying to keep the measure off the ballot because they fear the voters it would draw to the polls….MORE HERE