Matt Gaetz’ compassion on marijuana issue grounded in his conservatism


    From Saintpetersblog —


    What’s going on in the Florida House? Republicans pushing compassionate laws? Taking on issues that were once reserved for bleeding hearts on the Left? Huh? 


    First, there’s Speaker Will Weatherford, Republican beacon, staking firmly his position in favor of offering in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants. Now, there’s Rep. Matt Gaetz, no schlub in the conservative corner, bringing up that children suffering from horrible seizures could benefit from a non-euphoric strain of marijuana, dubbed “Charlotte’s Web.” 


    These issues, in the hands of leaders such as Weatherford or Gaetz, face far greater chances of success. They also point to a shift in what Republicans are willing to take on… And the dynamics underlying that are fairly unique.


    Here is my take: 


    It is not that Weatherford or Gaetz, or the Republican Party, are embracing “liberal” stances for the purpose of electoral success. Neither Weatherford or Gaetz would need such a boost. Nor is it that the RPOF is breathing down the House’s neck asking for some “cover” so that Scott can look like a hero prior to 2014. It is clear where I would stand on that…..MORE HERE