Rules, Friendship, Love


    All three are essential to building a lasting realtionship.


    By James T. DeShay


    In life we are surrounded by many unforeseen obstacles that keep us from being focused on that which might bring us the most joy.  While it is important to protect ourselves by using rules, the rules can’t be so stringent that we keep the uniqueness of life from having a place. We must evaluate each situation individually and determine which rules should apply.



    In the search for love, it is important to create an environment of honesty; but fully understand that some things will not be divulged until both parties are comfortable.  Seek a period of time to be friends and allow honesty an opportunity to grow. If a serious relationship develops to quickly, things that need to be shared may very well be locked behind closed doors.



    We must be open enough to share what I call the “deal breakers” early; so that no lines are crossed by either party. Emotional attachments can grow quickly and leave lasting scars if “deal breakers” are not discussed upfront.  Solutions can be discovered for personnel differences if they are fully discussed during the period of friendship.



    Friendship should not be viewed as a roadblock to a long relationship, but a major part needed to make a large engine roar to life. If either party has objections to being friends for some period of time, it is a clear indication that they are not willing to work on creating a foundation. A strong foundation will help to weather a storm and…..there will be storms.



    Written By James  T. DeShay the author of “Thoughts, Love & Reflections”