Rick Scott Announcing Jobs Numbers At Full Sail, Tea Party In Tow

    By Jacob Engels


    Governor Rick Scott will be in Winter Park this Friday around 10AM at Full Sail University to announce the latest jobs numbers from across the state. West Orlando Tea Party founder Clyde Fabretti sent out an email earlier today urging tea party activists to join the governor during the press conference.


    West Orlando Tea Party email —


    “I would like to extend an invitation to you to join me and a number of other West Orlando Tea Party members as we welcome Governor Scott to Orlando Friday (12/20) morning at 10:00am at Full Sail University in Winter Park.  We’ll be in the lobby of the University at 3300 University Blvd, Winter Park, Fl (we should plan on arriving at about 9:45am).

    His office  extended me the invitation and allowed me to invite a few folks to come along.   He will be announcing the job numbers, so its a very upbeat moment.  There will be lots of media there of course, but it should be fun and we may get a chance to visit with him as well.  I’m trying to set that up.”


    So when you see the cheering and enthusiastic crowd surrounding Scott at the announcement, just know it’s not quite organic. But, that’s politics folks……perception is reality for most.


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