Wheeler Dealer Alan Grayson Loses $18 Million In Investment Scheme


    By Jacob Engels


    Yesterday news broke that 1%’er Alan Grayson, our bombastic Congressman serving much of East Orlando had lost over $18 million in an investment scheme. According to court records, Mr. Grayson and 120 other investors were swindled out of $35 million by scammer William Dean Chapman. Chapman was sentenced to 12 years in prison this past Friday.


    Chapman was using the scam to fund the lifestyle of a 1%’er, owning a Lamborghini and $3 million dollar home. Grayson, whom did not want his full name to appear in court documents was revealed as one of the ivestors when listed by name in at least two areas of court records.


    Normally, I would feel bad for anyone that got hosed by a con-man, but not today. Wheeler Dealer Alan Grayson, makes his living in congress and the campaign trail tearing people down, spewing hateful goo, and finding every way he can to just be an ass. It’s not just with his opponents either. A field director who worked for Alan Grayson during the last election cycle told the East Orlando Post that if we thought the way he treated republicans and opponents was bad, they should see how he treats campaign staff. 


    “He thinks that because he is paying you, that he owns you. Nothing is ever enough. He is obessed with the power that wealth and campaign cash give him.”


    The field director, whom I knew briefly in my first year of college asked to remain anonymous for fear of not being abe to work in Orange County democratic circles if their name was published. Smart move, I wouldn’t want to be on the enemies list of the “Congressman With Guts.”


    This is karma, but it could also be something else. It could be an opportunity for Alan Grayson to shape up and act like a gentlemen. Not much can be more humbling that losing over half of your net worth, so here’s to wishing that Mr. Grayson takes this as a sign from the universe and starts being just a little bit nicer.


    It could also be an opportunity for Alan Grayson to re-introduce himself to the voters of District 9, as the multi-millonaire top tier 1%’er that he really is. To introduce them to his lavish lifestyle, complete with over 4 homes and investments in Russia’s biggest oil firm. With the average median income in District 9 sitting around $40,000 a year….I think it’s important they know that their congressman is someone who has no idea of how they live, how they are struggling, and what it’s like to go to bed each night wondering how they are going to make ends meet.


    Maybe that’s why he didn’t want his full name in the court records.


    Alan Grayson’s time in congress is all about him. About him getting on cable tv, about him fulfilling his hungry ego by demeaning his opponents, about him being Mr. Moneybags who calls all the shots. Here’s to hoping that changes.


    Jacob Engels, is the Founder of East Orlando Post. Along with the Post, he owns several other businesses and is currently enrolled at Valencia College. Jacob has lived in Avalon Park since it’s founding and enjoys playing with his black Labradoodle Jasper, listening to indie rock, and seeking out new business ventures. He can be reached at info@eastorlandopost.com