CFO Jeff Atwater: December Is Idenity Theft Prevention Month


    By Jacob Engels


    Florida CFO Jeff Atwater is the best & brightest of Florida’s cabinet if you ask me. Atwater, who has a weekly “Dollars & Sense” update has now launched an online video library with tips ranging from annuities to disaster preparedness. East Orlando Post has been reading the CFO’s “Dollars & Sense” column for the past few months and we have decided that we are going to post it weekly in our advice section. It’s not political and it’s not drowning in self-promotion.


    Below is the column from early December focusing on Identity Theft Awareness Month.


    Florida CFO Jeff Atwater’s “Dollars & Sense” Column —




    Identity theft is a serious crime that has long-lasting and far-reaching impacts on its victims. December is Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month, which serves as a critical call to action for each of us to learn more about to how recognize and prevent this crime that impacted nearly 70,000 Floridians last year, according to the Federal Trade Commission.


    Identity theft can leave victims unable to purchase a home, buy a car or even get a job, and with the ever-increasing need to use the Internet, identity theft concerns are escalating. I encourage all Floridians to visit our OnDemand Library, which offers educational presentations featuring steps to help prevent your identity or your business’ identity from being stolen. Our online library also provides information on ways to better protect your company’s assets from being compromised.


    Identity theft affects consumers both young and old, from the theft of a child’s social security number to the use of account numbers belonging to the deceased. Business identity theft has also become an epidemic as criminals search for information online in order to assume a business identity giving them authority to apply for credit and purchase inventory.


    Remain vigilant about protecting your identity. Taking steps to safeguard your personal and business information can spare you an uphill battle to restore your good name. Do your part to prevent becoming a victim of this crime.


    Jeff Atwater, CFO – Florida