Pantless Pervert Terrorizes UCF Campus


    By Jacob Engels


    According to, a pantless pervert is roaming the campus of UCF. Knight News tweeted less than an hour ago that a female student was asked for directions by a male in his late twenty’s and when she approached the car, the female student said he was completely naked from the waist down. UCF has confirmed that they have received calls about the incident and are currently looking into it.


    If you have seen The Office, than you are probably already thinking what I am thinking. In the twenty-second episode of the third season, one of the employees of Dunder Mifflin gets flashed by a man asking for directions in the parking lot. However, in this case….the flasher was nude waist down in his vehicle.


    Someone get this guy some pants and check him into Lakeside nut house.


    UPDATE – UCF Police reveal that the suspect is a white male in his late twenty’s with short black hair, scruffy facial hair, and square framed glasses. He was last seen wearing black shirt and no pants in a silver Toyota 4 door sedan. Call 407-823-5555 if you have any information.


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