We’re All Gonna Die – Not Really, Well One Day


    By Patrick Kabot


    WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!! Not really…well, one day.  Anyways, I had the chance to sit down with these cats from one of Orlando’s best groups.  The group is made up of Trey Miller on the keys, harmonica (blues harp) and vocals.  Obuasi Boulware on guitar.  Kendrick Leighton who currently switches off between guitar and drums, and newest member Phil Teneyck who brings the horns via trombone.

    First things first, what’s the story behind the name?

    Obuasi: Well, we’re all gonna die man.  People look at that in a negative way and are almost put off by that like “we’re all gonna die, how can you say something like that?”  But man, we’re all gonna die it’s inevitable you know?  Are you gonna live your life in fear of that or embrace it?  Let’s all just make the best of this life.

    How would you guys describe your sound?

    Trey: There’s definitely a lot of Blues and Folk influence in it.  We wanted to go for something different than what’s really popular today and on the radio.  But Kenny really changed the game when he came in, he basically told us to stop playing the same three chords over and over again.  Right after that we went on tour with The Grizzly Atoms, Bear With Me and She The Slut.


    Lotta good bands to go with!  How’d that go?

    Kendrick: So good!  Met so many cool people and played with some awesome bands.  We played Dirty Nelly’s which was awesome.  I don’t remember his name but to the dude with the hat and the sleeves, you were a cool motherfucker.  [everybody laughs]

    Trey: He was definitely about it.  We got a ticket on the road though, so when we got back to Orlando we had a huge house show and charged five at the door and covered it.

    (I’ve had the opportunity to share a stage with these guys and can vouch that this next cat kills it) Phil!  You’re awfully quiet over there man, how are you liking being the newest member of this group?

    Phil: [laughs] I’m loving it man.  I met these guys, Kenny and Ob, at a party that they were throwing and started talking to them.  I was talking to Ob and he was like “you play trombone man?  You should come over and jam with us sometime.”  It was really cool, I went over with my friend Stu and we all jammed and it went really well man. 

    Obuasi:  I remember just thinking how well the keys and the horn went together as soon as I heard him.

    I know you guys are all about the local scene here in the 407 and have a bunch of cats you wanna tell the readers about. 

    Trey:  Definitely the cats from the tour.  Grizzly Atoms, She The Slut, Bear With Me.

    Obuasi: Big ups to Native Feel!

    Trey: Sela Dors for sure!

    We’re not going there haha (for those who don’t know, Sela Dors is my band)

    Trey: No no no.  In opposition to the interviewer, the interviewees demand a shout out to Sela Dors.

    Obuasi: The Strangers Family Band for sure.  Big ups to Casey Hopkins for sure.

    Trey: The Get-By!  Definitely check out Ihateradio as well!

    Kendrick: The Chronic Kids for sure! 

    Trey: Big ups to Cowboy Bebop [everybody laughs] just putting that out there.  Mad respect for Cowboy Bebop. 

    Obuasi: What’sit records for sure

    Kendrick: Warlock Designs! 

    Trey: Big shout out to RG (Ryan George, a mutual friend of the interviewer and band) [everybody dies laughing]

    Can’t think of a better way to close out an interview than that.

    These cats are definitely killin’ it and getting better and growing each time I see them.  Show them some love for sure, these guys do a lot for the local scene.  Stop by their Facebook, throw ‘em a like and make sure you check back for their show dates.

    Their Facebook is ironically


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    Patrick Kabot is a resident of Avalon Park.  He graduated from Valencia with a pre-major degree in Jazz Guitar Performance and is currently attending UCF for an undergraduate in English Literature.  Patrick plays in the local band Sela Dors, enjoys philosophy and is an avid tattoo enthusiast.