I <3 Radio? Nope, iHateRadio


    By Patrick Kabot


    I <3 radio…nah fuck that.  I hate radio is where it’s really at.  For those of you who haven’t heard of this hot new app, I recently sat down with Moe Angelo who founded the app and gave East Orlando Post an inside look.

    So give me the run down on the Ihateradio app.

    Moe:  Basically in 2007 I had been in an independent band in Youngstown, Ohio called The Kelly’s.  We started getting played on podcasts in a bunch of different places, even all the way out in the U.K..  I was listening to a lot of them and realized these were people just doing this out of their houses, which I thought was really cool especially since I had always had a fascination with radio.  So I decided to try it out for myself.

    What were the early days of Ihateradio like?

    Moe: I was still in Ohio when it started out and it was actually originally called Ruckus Radio.  I started jokingly calling it “Ihateradio”, but then it really stuck and I decided to change the name completely.

    Ruckus sounds pretty cool as well, but Ihateradio is just gold haha

    Moe: Definitely man haha, people really dig it.

    So it sounds like one of the big goals of Ihateradio is to help out and give a lot of independent artists the exposure that isn’t very easily attained.

    Moe:  Absolutely man, any artist can submit their music on Ihateradio.org as long as it’s original music.  It doesn’t matter what “scene” the music comes from or what they sound like, the ultimate goal is to just provide an outlet for wherever there’s a hotspot of culture.  They can broadcast live or put their music into a rotation or whatever they want to do.  We’ve worked with some really cool local bands as well Ancient Sun, Holey Miss Moley and The Savi Fernandez Band.

    All those cats kill it man, definitely some of the best music around Orlando.  You also work with a good amount of national bands as well right?

    Moe: Yeah!  We’ve actually put quite a few big bands into our rotation.  Reel Big Fish, Passafire, Zach Deputy, Rx Bandits…

    [I had to interrupt here]

    RX BANDITS??  Tell me about that man

    Moe: They’re some really cool dudes man.  When I told them about Ihateradio they were completely on board and just really humble guys you know?  All the artists are.  Right now Ihateradio is just taking off so I can’t give any royalties or anything.  I’ve never charged for Ihateradio or done advertisements, it’s all listener supported.  One day I’d love to be able to give out royalties to help out the bands even more.

    So how can people tune in to Ihateradio?

    Right now the app is only available on Android, but we’re working on getting it available for Apple products as well.

    Moe Angelo’s definitely got a cool thing going on with the Ihateradio app.  There’s always great music on it, recently I heard some Dumpstaphunk and S.P.O.R.E. which would definitely be a rarity on mainstream radio.  Make sure you show some love by tuning in, getting the app and liking the Ihateradio Facebook page so you can stay up to date. 


    Patrick Kabot is a resident of Avalon Park.  He graduated from Valencia with a pre-major degree in Jazz Guitar Performance and is currently attending UCF for an undergraduate in English Literature.  Patrick plays in the local band Sela Dors, enjoys philosophy and is an avid tattoo enthusiast.