Post Divorce’ Soiree


    It had been 3 weeks since my official divorce papers were final and I had mixed feelings about being on my own and having the ultimate freedom to choose my own fate.   I had been married for ten years and although I always thought that I would never have the courage to leave this man, I actually did, which floored him and ultimately me and my family.  There was no time to dwell on my decision, only to push forward into the new and exciting world of a divorced woman with a child in her mid thirties. 


    It was my time to reinvent myself and be uninhibited both mentally and physically in a world full of new and exciting opportunities.  I didn’t like being in my new rental home when I didn’t have my son, so I would usually meet a friend for dinner and drinks to take out the sting of this new alone time that I realized I didn’t really care for too much.  This particular night, I met an old girlfriend at a local establishment and was dressed professionally from a long day of work.  Black skirt above the knee, white button down shirt with pearls, heels and my hair pulled back.  When I walked in and sat at the bar, Sam hadn’t arrived yet, but I saw another familiar face just a few bar stools down from me.  As I walked in it was as if my prayers had been answered.  I was ready for my first interlude and who better than a six foot tall, bald, hazel eyed smarty who knew how to strum a guitar. 


    I had met Russell years earlier in passing and through a former job, but was pleasantly surprised to run into him again.  He sat next to me and kissed me on the cheek, then proceeded to order both of us a shot of vodka to loosen me up I assume.   I was new at the dating game, but I certainly liked the way this was panning out.  Before long, Sam arrived and Russell informed me that he had a previous engagement to meet some friends at a neighboring bar.  After one more shot, that I quickly downed, I was feeling quite bold.   About this time, I proceeded to lean over and bring my lips close to his earlobe and whispered, “ I would love for you to be my first born again sexual encounter post divorce, are you interested?” with a coy look on my face.  He certainly sprang into action about then, making plans for our rendezvous. 


    Russell went his way while I sipped a glass of Chardonnay with Sam planning my big reveal.  I was nervous and had no idea what to expect.  The anticipation was overwhelming and I was anxious about being nude for the first time with a new lover.   I went home to shower, shave my legs and the rest of course.  I ran to the refrigerator and poured another glass of wine and drank it as I finished getting all dolled up for my sexual adventure.  I wasn’t sure what to wear now, so I slipped into a loose shirt buttoned low, shorts and wedge sandals.  Time was approaching quickly and I heard a knock at the door.  My heart raced and my nerves were tangled in knots getting ready to implode.


    I answered the door and there he was looking as sexy as ever in his button down, jeans and flip flops.  He made me weak in the knees.  Not a word was spoken when he entered the front door and shut it behind him. Then he put his hand around my neck, pulled me close and kissed me hard.  Then he proceeded to push my back against the wall and kiss my neck and shoulders as he pulled my loose fitting top to one side of my left shoulder.  I was on fire and loving every minute of it.  He took me by the hand, led me to the kitchen, put me on the countertop and made his way from my lips to my thighs.  He gently removed my shorts then my panties and continued to please and tease me.  Next he picked me up and carried me face to face to the bedroom and slammed my body against the wall.  It was just enough to evoke a heated sensation that ran through me like a bolt of lightning.  This man knew what he was doing!  Our clothes continued to hit the floor one by one and our bodies fell into each other time and time again.  I felt so elated and connected to a man that I barely knew.   It was liberating!


    The night turned into early morning just as the romance was ending and work was beginning.  We parted ways to meet again soon and continue on our path to awakening the sexual beast that beat inside me, but had been dormant in my heart and soul for so many years.  Ultimately, Russell taught me to go with the flow and move past feeling emotionally damaged from my past relationships and focus forward. He opened up Pandora’s Box and I’m forever grateful to him for his kind nature and friendship.


    Until Next Time, Teddie