PUFF PIECE – East Orlando Psychiatry Opens In Avalon Park


    By Anne Morgenthal


    East Orlando Psychiatry is now open and accepting patients. Conveniently located in the Avalon Park community’s quaint, old-fashioned Downtown, East Orlando Psychiatry provides a broad range of psychiatric care and services, and due to our location in the interior of one of the community’s several office buildings, our patients can enjoy near-total anonymity coming and going from appointments. 


    Our psychiatrist, Robert Morgenthal, M.D., has practiced since 2002, is a Diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and has extensive experience in the field. For several years he served the University of Central Florida as their only psychiatrist, was a Senior Psychiatrist for the State of Florida as well as treating patients in corporate medicine.


    In order to provide his patients with the ultimate experience in mental health care, East Orlando Psychiatry has been built from the ground up to fill a void of psychiatric services in the Avalon Park and East Orlando communities. This psychiatric medical development model delivers a unique protocol for customized patient care which addresses each individual’s mental health concern and creates a treatment plan that is tailored specifically for each individual. We provide care for patients ages 6 and up, all the way through to geriatric care.   Dr. Morgenthal specializes in in ADHD as well as Mood Disorders, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, and Schizophrenia, among many other mental health conditions.


    With a treasure trove of accumulated wisdom, knowledge, and experience in a wide variety of psychiatric models and facilities, and with two doctorate degrees, Dr. Morgenthal has at last decided to settle into the type of medical practice he has enjoyed the most throughout the years, his own private practice in which he will be able to provide the highest quality psychiatric medical care to his patients. The return is an exciting one for him, and he is eager to serve the East Orlando community, as well as the Greater Orlando Area, in the capacity he prefers and feels most comfortable with.


    East Orlando Psychiatry is located in Avalon Park’s Town Center, 13000 Avalon Lake Drive, Suite 307. Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm, Saturday mornings by appointment. Appointments may be scheduled by phone:  407-745-4588 or on our website: http://www.eastorlandopsychiatry.com/