Cocina214 – Upscale Ambience, Warm Service, To-Die-For Food

    This is the first part of a 3-part review of Cocina214 in Winter Park. East Orlando Post founder and local filmmaker Jason Jack Underwood’s reviews will follow. First up, a review from the very talented special effects make-up artist, vegan, and Evil Dead fanatic Breanna Panto. 


    By Breanna Panto


    I had no idea what to expect on my way to Cocina 214, but I was thrilled upon arriving. The look and feel of the restaurant is top-notch and classy, without the high-nosed service.


    East Orlando Post owner Jacob Engels, local filmmaker Jason Jack Underwood and I were welcomed and served by such a warm and welcoming staff, who sat us at the chef’s table, where we could see the kitchen through an opening on the wall in front of us.


    Along with the warm tortilla chips and refreshing salsa the server placed on our table, I started with their Elderflower margarita, which had the perfect combination of fruit and floral flavor.


    Next, came Cocina’s guacamole trio: blue cheese, habanero and mango guacamoles, which were absolutely decadent (and spicy, too!).


    For my main course, I ordered a veggie burrito, which might not sound exciting to most, but it was absolutely to-die-for. Soft, warm tortilla wrapped around black beans, pico de gallo, and mixed grilled vegetables all topped with a delicious red sauce.


    After offering us dessert, our waiters bid us adieu and the restaurant manager left us with his business card and a handshake. Upscale ambiance, friendly staff, and absolutely phenomenal food. I want to go back already!