Grayson Opponent Launches #GGG Moneybomb


    By Jacob Engels


    Peter Vivaldi, a republican looking to knock off liberal badmouth Alan Grayson is looking to capitalize on Grayson’s latest outburst. He has launched a 15 day moneybomb.


    Orlando, FL – On October 23, 2013, Peter Vivaldi, Republican Candidate for Florida Congressional District 9 announced the launch of

  will facilitate a 15 day moneybomb to raise funds for #TeamVivaldi. Social Media users fed up with Alan Grayson’s antics, are encouraged to use #GGG and share the moneybomb over the next 15 days.


    Peter Vivaldi offers his take on Alan Grayson’s latest outburst —


    “Over the past few years Alan Grayson has been shrewd in using his own version of Divide and Conquer. Mr. Grayson has been able to separate minority, religious, conservative and independent groups, but this time he has gone too far in comparing republicans to the KKK.


    Congress has hit the lowest approval rating in years – I believe as long as we continue to allow Power Hungry Politicians like Alan Grayson to use his Divide and Conquer tactics we will continue to be a divided nation. We must become bridge builders if we want to reclaim our country. 


    To the constituents in Florida District 9, it is time to be represented in a dignified manner. Let’s come together and build a better tomorrow.”