Rene “Coach P” Plasencia & Colonial Football Honored By OCPS


    By Jacob Engels


    In late September, Rene “Coach P” Plasencia and Colonial High School football coach Michael Short saved a students life after he collapsed while running. Earlier tonite at 5:30PM, the Orange County School Board was set to honor Plasencia and Short for their efforts in saving the students life. Good to know that will all the bad going on, there are still instances like this that can make EVERYONE have more faith in our fellow man. We will post updates on this story as they are made public.


    Background on the story from the Orlando Sentinel —


    Colonial football coach Michael Short and track coach Rene Plasencia resuscitated a male student Thursday morning after he collapsed while running. The incident occurred on the school’s track during physical-education class. “He wasn’t breathing and had no pulse,” Short said. “His lips and fingertips were blue. It was a scary situation.” Short said he began chest compressions on the student, whose name was not revealed because of confidentiality reasons, while Plasencia counted for him while on the phone with a 911 operator.


    “We were just trying to follow their instructions,” Short said. “It was a team effort. Everyone is saying I’m a hero, but I’m not. Anybody and everybody would have done the same thing in our situation.”When paramedics arrived, they took over resuscitation efforts and transported the student to Florida Hospital East Orlando. “It was a lot scarier afterwards than it was during,” Plasencia said. “When the paramedics got there, it all kind of sunk in. We feel fortunate we were in a positon to help.” Said Short: “From what everyone is saying, he’s going to be OK.”


    Colonial Principal Jon Prince declined to provide an update on the child’s condition.




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