By Jacob Engels


    New York billionaire Stephen Ross was stung by his failure to get the state and county to go along with public subsidies for the construction of a Miami-Dade Stadium to house his Miami Dolphins so now he seeks to buy enough votes to gorge on taxpayers in another attempt.

    Preliminary results of a County referendum that was called off show the proposal was headed for crushing defeat by Miami-Dade voters despite the lack of a well financed opposition campaign.

    The Tampa Bay Times Reports

    “Florida Jobs First, the political committee of billionaire Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, is funding a closing days TV ad blitz to help Republicans win the special state House District election to succeed Republican Mike Fasano. The committee has bought $75,000 worth of TV time, including $36,000 for broadcast TV and $39,000 for cable, in Tampa Bay from Oct. 12 through Oct. 15, election day. We fully intend to engage in the 2014 cycle and will make decisions on a case by case basis. Our efforts in Miami Dade will continue, and even expand, but we will engage wherever we believe we can have an impact.” Mike Mckeon, a New York based political consultant who works for “Florida Jobs First” told the Tampa Bay Times.

    Ross has  all but declared war against House Speaker Will Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel, because of the House’s failure to support his demands regarding  Sun Life Stadium earlier this year.

    “Ross is worth $4.5 billion dollars. If he wants a stadium let him pay for it. Why should Florida taxpayers pick up the tab?” Eric Von Tausch, Chairman of Tea Party Miami, the counties largest Tea Party group asked the East Orlando Post.  “Steve Ross just wants to use OPM. Speaker Weatherford should be commended for protecting our tax dollars from this vulture.”


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