Local Actress Croix Provence Flourishes


    By Jacob Engels


    Last week, I was helping out my friend & Director Jason Jack Underwood on a film he was shooting and had the pleasure of spending some time with local actress Croix Provence. Croix, who was playing the lead in UCF Film student Kade Dalton’s film “The Audition” was kind enough to humor me with a brief Q&A. Pretty cool cat and talented to boot….just saying. 


    Explain the moment in which you decided….”I want to act” –


     My sister Simone and I always put on shows and sing-alongs in the living room when we were little, but it wasn’t until I saw the VHS of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s musical Cats at age eight that I just knew acting was my passion. After a few days of watching that thing on repeat, I had memorized all of the lyrics, the dances, the dialogue, and made my family watch me perform it over and over. That probably got annoying really fast, haha.


    What was your first role and how did that affect your view of the profession?


    The first role I ever had that felt substantial was in a short film called A Detour Down. That was the first time I was on a soundstage and had someone else doing my makeup and special effects… In that movie, the Devil made my heart explode, which was pretty freaking sweet. That was the first time Krafty was ever provided, too, and my young mind was like “WHOA! They’ll pay me and feed me to do this? This is the best job ever!” In all seriousness, I was very excited for the road ahead. You get to portray different people in all different walks of life, experience things you never have before (and never will, such as heroin during a role as a junkie prostitute)… then it’s done. You build up a whole life in your imagination and bring it to reality and live it until they call cut, and then you get to be yourself again. It’s like living dreams, and sometimes nightmares. It’s fantastic.


    Are you limited to film?


    Not limited to film, but definitely prefer it. Straight theatre and musicals are awesome, yet they’re a whole different animal. On a film set you have the chance to make choices and discover new things while the camera’s still rolling, then take the time to go back and try it again, still discovering more! It’s more natural, more honest, but that’s just my opinion. On stage, however, you get one shot, and the anxiety is immense. But to hear the applause and to hear gasps and reactions while you’re in that moment, sharing that… it’s totally worth the anxiety.


    What have you worked on recently?


    Bad Kitties, a found footage drama in which I had the lead role of Alexis Andrews, just came out on DVD after a run in theaters and success at the Beverly Hills Film Festival. Also, I have had the pleasure of hosting Tampa Bay Comic Con, Orlando Comic Expo, and Nashville Comic Expo this year, which has been sooo much fun! Getting to cosplay for a job… my inner nerd has been raging! Let’s see what else… A commercial I did for Bright House just aired; it’s the one with the llama. It was so well received that they invited me and the other actress to do some radio spots for them. Just did a Comcast industrial as well, and wrapped a short film called The Audition.


    Future projects?


    Got a web series coming up called Fame Bound in which I am Melissa Brooks, one of two lead roles. It’s a dark comedy that promises to be ridiculous. Also, I will soon be on set for a short film called “Tongues” in which I have the lead role of Cat. In the next couple of weeks Level 4 improv classes start at SAK Comedy Lab, which is going to be crazy fun. There are a few other projects on the horizon, but I can’t say what just yet!


    Ok, enough of the professional stuff. Tell us your favorite song, movie, book, food.


    Ahhh! These are the questions I love… I’m a huge music lover. Top five bands – The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Vines, Gorillaz, and anything with Jack White. Couldn’t pin down a favorite song of all time, but currently it would have to be “Hey Jude” because of my experience at Bonnaroo seeing Sir Paul McCartney live. My feelings on that would take up a whole interview, haha. My favorite food is probably a good messy taco with the works, or chicken with goat cheese on it. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. For books, I’m going to cheat and give my favorite comic series, which is “Preacher”. Jesse Custer is a total bad ass and his adventures in the nine part series are awesome. And for movies… well, that’s tough. Since I can’t narrow that one down for the life of me, some solid favorites are Inglorious Basterds, Dumb and Dumber, The Shining, Django Unchained, Dracula: Dead and Loving It, Kick-Ass, and so, so many others. Again, it’d take up a whole interview.


    To learn more about Croix, visit her website, her IMDB, or her Twitter.


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