Giveaway Contest – New Resume, New Career


    By Mayra Etayo

    My very first article for the East Orlando Post six months ago focused on what in my opinion is one of the most important marketing tools – your resume.  A resume is perhaps one of the most important documents in our lives. It literally is the one piece of paper that can stand between you and gainful employment.


    I created a YouTube series to help you understand the basics of putting together your resume. But the last video in that series (for now), I announced that I will be hosting my very first giveaway contest. I thought it was fitting that today, on the six month anniversary of my first article, that I would share that video and the contest opportunity with my readers here at the East Orlando Post.


    The winner will receive a copy of “New Resume, New Career” by Catherine Jewell.


    The Rules are simple:


    1. Watch the video below
    2. Give it a thumbs up if you would like to win the book
    3. Make a comment in the comment box for the video.
    4. Once we’ve reached 100 subscribers, I will choose a winner at random and email them to let them know they have won.
    5. If the prize is not claimed within 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen.


    I hope these videos help you market yourself into a better career and a brighter future.  Good luck!