Why I Loved Miley Cyrus’s VMA Performance


    By Bridgette Bayley


    Ten years ago in 2003, Britney and Madonna kissed. It was wild and crazy and nobody knew what to think. Ten years later, two girls kissing is not going to shock a nation. That’s bologna.


    What Miley Cyrus did was objectify herself, a former disney star- showing the child side with the teddy bears and then adding SEX, Americas favorite thing. She was in a onsie-leotard showing no private parts, just legs and arms but she’s got a good enough body where just those parts was sexual enough.


    The she made a mockery of what modern American society finds entertaining. The twerking and everything in between was all satire. It was a JOKE and a great way to grab attention in order to sell records and promote her new album. Also it was sort of like Hamlet, when he puts on the show to expose his uncle in front of everyone.


    Miley was exposing all those BS people who consider themselves artists. That in itself was art, and I loved it.


    ENJOY IT —