Vivaldi Releases “A Better Tomorrow” Web Video


    By Jacob Engels


    Peter Vivaldi, who is running in the republican primary to take on sitting congressman and liberal rockstar Alan Grayson, has released his first web video of the campaign…..and it looks like he has assembled a well rounded team to handle the commercial/video aspect of his campaign.



    The video, which is just over 2 minutes was shot by a group of UCF & Full Sail film students, according to the campaign.



    “I want to build a team of young, energetic, and professional individuals. This campaign will not be run like other political campaigns, we are doing it differently. We won’t be using the people that everyone expects us to use. We took a chance with these students and we were blown away by their professionalism, work ethic, and creativity. Look out for more from this amazingly talented group soon,” said Vivaldi when reached by phone.



    View the video below —






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