Val Demings Running For Mayor – Florida Democratic Party Signals Candidacy


    By Jacob Engels


    The Florida Democratic Party may have tipped the hand of future Mayor of Orange County candidate, Val Demings. Val, who lost her congressional bid against Dan Webster in 2012 and served as Orlando Police Chief before that, was a speaker at the Florida Democratic Party’s biggest annual event, their Jefferson Jackson dinner. The dinner took place Saturday night in South Florida.


    Held once yearly, it’s a who’s who gathering of democratic leaders from around the state and also one of the statewide democratic party’s largest fundraising events.


    Recently though, the Florida Democratic Party has been in hot water for not allowing speaking time to former State Senator Nan Rich, who is the ONLY democratic candidate declared against republican incumbent and resident democratic bogeyman…Rick Scott. ***A protester with a “Let Nan Speak” sign was removed from the event.



    Here is why this confirms that Val Demings is running for mayor against incumbent Teresa Jacobs. BTW, she has not officialy announced…yet.



    – Dissing the ONLY democrat who has been officially campaigning for the spot to take on democrats worst nightmare (Rick Scott) & giving the slot to a failed congressional candidate, means you must need something from Val Demings….like helping democrats carry orange county with an active and strong down ballot contest…..think Mayor of Orange County.



    – Giving Demings a platform to reach statewide democratic audience is something that she needs to knock off Teresa Jacobs, and the state democratic party knows that. They need all democrats across Florida, donors and activists alike, to stand up to the business lobby that will be supporting Jacobs en masse because of her making sure the earned sick time initiative didn’t see the light of day. ***Rick Scott just signed into law a pro-business bill inspired by the Orange County sick time fight, so this issue works on state and local level now.



    – Word on the street is that Demings has been laying the groundwork for a mayoral run and announcement to come in “early summer.”



    – Why else would you give a failed congressional candidate a speaking slot & deny one to the ONLY declared democratic candidate for Governor? Go ahead, give me a reason….




    Expect an announcement from Val Demings in a month or so….if not sooner.



    *****Written in haste. Will reach out to Val Demings on Monday to see if she wants to come clean and let the cat out of the bag…..”officially.”


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