Orange County Regional History Center – Summer Camps 2013


    By Jacob Engels


    Now who would have thought that the Orange County Regional History Center would have summer camps? Well they do, and you can learn more about them below —



    What are Orange County Regional History Center Summer Camps?


    Our summer camps are different from most camps.  We not only incorporate hands-on learning, but we also use games, music, outside activities, and our exhibits.  We have different themes for each grade level, each week, which also makes us unique.


    Tell us why your camps would be a good choice for both parents and kids?


    For all of our camps, we have students divided by grade level and keep our classroom enrollment at 20 campers maximum.  This cap allows our teachers and teaching assistants to have more individualized teaching with the campers.  Over 60% of our campers are returning campers from when they started with us at the Kindergarten grade level.


    How can parents get in touch with you to register or find out more?


    They can either contact us by phone at (407) 836-8580 or by email at



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