Tropical Update #1 – Something To Watch


    By Todd Torsrud


    We have something to watch in the tropics. It’s nothing too serious, but something to watch. An area of disturbed weather near Yucatan Peninsula has caught the eye of the NHC. Right now, it’s a 20% chance of forming into something, and if it were to form into something, it will probably be a tropical storm, and bring a copious amount of rain for the Sunshine State (Florida). The models are pointing this system towards Florida which seems about right. This system used to be Hurricane Barbara in the Pacific Ocean before making landfall in far eastern Mexico (which is the furthest east a system has ever made landfall in Mexico).

    This week in Florida will be a wet one, so bring an umbrella and a wet suit.

    If this system were to form into a named storm, the first name on the list is Andrea, and I think the winds will be around 40-50mph at best. The winds won’t be the issue, but the rain will be. South Florida has been overwhelmed by rainfall since May at the beginning of the rainy season. Certain areas of the Miami-Dade area has seen well over 7 inches of rain so far with an additional 5-8 inches by weeks end (not good). Central and part of North Florida will receive an additional 3-5 inches of rain by weeks end.



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