Yoga East Orlando Girls Camp – Summer Camps 2013


    By Jacob Engels


    Late this week we talked with Yoga East Orlando owner Michelle Owens about her yoga girls summer camp. Check it out –


    What is the Yoga Girls summer day camp?


    The Yoga Girls camp at Yoga East is for middle school girls in 6-8th grades who want to explore a healthy lifestyle for their mind, body and spirit. We’ll do yoga and mindfulness meditations everyday, as well as craft projects, nature walks and picnics. The camp will be conducted by a team that includes experienced yoga teachers and a specialist in youth counseling and play therapy. The camp runs from June 10-14 at Yoga East, 3734 Avalon Park East Blvd. from 9 a.m. To 3 p.m.


    Tell us why your camps would be a good choice for both parents and kids?



    For middle school-aged girls, the options are limited for fun summer day camps in east Orlando. The Yoga Girls summer camp at Yoga East is a fantastic opportunity for these girls to learn how to use yoga, meditation and journaling to navigate all the physical and emotional changes that occur during the middle school years. The physical yoga practice and nature walks will keep the girls fit, flexible and active during the summer months when it’s so easy to get lazy. The meditations will give them calm, clear minds, as well as a tool to use for stress management. Other activities like crafting and journaling will provide them an opportunity for self expression and self-discovery.


    How can parents get in touch with you to register or find out more?



    Parents can register online at by clicking the “Book a class or treatment” link and following the “Workshops” tab. They can also register by phone at 407-730-3257; or in person at Yoga East. Early bird registration is $125. After June 5th, registration is $150. After the first registration, additional siblings get a 10% discount.



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