Shane’s Music Run Down


    By Shane Maloy


    I listen to a lot of music.  Being a guitarist myself, even currently being in the studio with an artist on his album, music is pretty much a noise that never stops in my life.  I really enjoy finding the history of artists or bands that are relatively unknown and today, I’ll give you three songs from three bands that you may come to enjoy, at least that’s my goal.


    1.  The First Single – The Format

    Not many people are familiar with The Format.  However, if I ask if you’ve heard Fun., your answer would most likely be “yes!”.  The Format was an indie rock/pop band with Nate Ruess as the lead singer from 2001-2008.  Founded in Arizona, this was the first band by the newly famous Ruess.  In this song, which is arguably the bands most known song, it features a nice indie rock feel.  Guitars, keys and heavy reliance on drums in this song almost reminds me of Motion City Soundtrack.  Feel free to take a listen: Click Here



    2.  Wake Up – AWOLNATION

    Another indie band that is actually signed to Red Bull Records.  Yes, Red Bull also owns a record company.  I mean, what doesn’t Red Bull own?  But that’s a short rant.  AWOLNATION is a indie/electronic rock group from L.A. that has 5 members.  I enjoy listening to this electronic rock style because there is so many possibilities when you combine rock with the electronic components available these days.  Take a listen and let me know what you think – Click Here


    3.  Let Her Go – Passenger

    I first heard this song in a coffee shop in Asheville NC when I was on a trip with my younger brother and sister.  Singer, songwriter and british, Passenger (real name is Mike Rosenberg) has created some of the most creative folk rock songs that I’ve heard in a while.  Let Her Go has a fantastic mix of violin, drums, guitars and background vocals.  Simplistic in sounds and sweet to the ear!  What do you think?  Click Here


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    Shane is a audiophile and designer from Orlando FL. He started on his first website design project at 15 years old, and has fallen deeper in love ever since. He’s a writer, musician, technology freak and loves quality time with those he loves.